Your Goldsmith in Düsseldorf & Ratingen Jewellery Restoration & Repair

Our favourite pieces of jewellery are usually worn most often and therefore often show signs of wear. Especially stone settings, soldered joints and eyelets on rings, necklaces etc. lose their stability and shine due to daily friction. With our restoration we prevent wear and tear and repair unpleasant and unsightly blemishes on your jewellery.

Cracks and other defects are also professionally repaired in our studios in Düsseldorf and Ratingen. For a fresh shine, our goldsmiths clean and polish your jewellery and remove external impurities.

Every jewellery repair and restoration is preceded by a thorough examination. This is how we ensure that the right solution for the treatment is determined and that you enjoy your reconditioned jewellery for a long time to come. We promise: you will not be able to get enough of it.

From wedding rings made of gold or silver to historical pieces of jewellery - we restore and repair your jewellery with loving precision so that it shines in new splendour. We always pay attention to the highest quality in our work - we are only satisfied when you are.

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Jewellery Repair & Restoration Our service

In the field of jewellery repair and restoration, we carry out the following services for you, among others:

  • Enlargement or reduction of rings
  • Straightening of rings
  • Soldering of broken chains
  • Exchange & repair of clasps
  • Repair of pendants
  • Exchange of defective gemstones
  • (Re)setting of gemstones
  • Strengthening of worn chains

Making & reworking

of your jewellery

Would you like to realise your dream jewellery in gold, silver or platinum? We manufacture your unique jewellery individually according to your wishes. We are also happy to refurbish and gild your treasures.

Visit us in Düsseldorf or Ratingen and leave your jewellery in our experienced hands.

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Watch service in Düsseldorf & Ratingen Repair of watches

In our shops in Düsseldorf and Ratingen we keep a selected assortment of high-quality watches ready for you. We are also happy to repair your cherished treasures. We carry out minor repairs such as changing straps directly in our own workshops in Düsseldorf and Ratingen.

For more extensive repairs, for example on the movement, we work closely with the manufacturers and send the watches in - thus guaranteeing the highest manufacturer quality. We are always in contact with the manufacturers and keep track of everything for you. Afterwards, you simply collect your repaired watch from our workshops in Düsseldorf or Ratingen.

We not only repair your watch, but also clean and polish it so that it shines again in its usual splendour. Our experts work with the utmost precision and attention to detail - see our quality work for yourself.

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Watch repair Our services

We carry out the following repair services for you in our own workshop.
For larger repairs, we send the watches directly to the manufacturer.

  • Strap change
  • Battery change
  • Checking the accuracy
  • Cleaning and polishing of watch case & bracelet